Vice President of Sourcing & MD Operations Division

Patrick KIM

Sourcing 1 Part

Luca Lee (Manager)

France (Bordeaux), Beer (Belgium)

Erica Lee (Buyer)

Chile, Spain, France (Southern France, Rhone)

Jinny Heo (Buyer)

Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Austria, Beer (Portugal)

Hyunbin Jo (Buyer)

Argentina, Chile, France (Alsace), South Africa, Beer (USA)

Sourcing 2 Part

Phyllis Park (Manager)

USA, France (Champagne, Bourgogne)

Sheila Jung (Buyer)

Italy, Spain, Beer (Germany)

Steve Lee (Buyer)

Chile, Portugal, Germany, Beer (Germany, France, Indonesia)


Haylie Kim (export manager)

Overseas sales and Business development


7th floor, 563 Achasan-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea (Zip:04983)